Prettl connects. Be connected.

Every beginning holds its own magic

That is what Hermann Hesse has already said. But it isn´t only about the beginning by itself, it is also about interpreting existing things in a new way and trying to create a new beginning out of existing  thoughts.  Daniel Stuckert, Global Head of Media & Corporate Communications, depicts in the interview what this has to do with Prettl and what Prettls New Year´s resolution is dealing with.

A new year and new intentions. Unlike the New Year’s resolutions we make to ourselves, companies usually do implement their intentions. From a communications point of view what is the main intention at Prettl?
Our intention for next year revolves around one word: connecting. With our new campaign ‘Prettl connects. Be connected.’ we want to generate a global sense of unity and basically speaking move closer together.

Until now most German’s have only come across the theme of connecting in telecommunications slogans from providers such as Deutsche Telekom and Base. Nowbe-connected_in_Kreis Prettl is saying “be connected.” Is this a good fit?
Yes, very much so! We don’t just connect people and cultures all over the world, but draw connections with our products and help customers connect with theirs – and we do this at a mental level. In the Automotive Division, for instance, we are ensuring greater safety by connecting our cable solutions with important vehicle functions. Thus contributing to problem-free mobility for the customer.

Slogans normally have a special purpose. Where are we going to find the ‘be connected’ slogan?
It will found both in internal communications – that’s all I’m saying for the moment as a number of exiting campaigns are planned for the whole year – and also externally. In the latter, ‘be connected’ is going to be found both on and in our new image brochure, in ads, on promotional material and everything that goes with this.

Promotional material is one thing but, when you think about it, ‘be connected’ is more than just an advertising slogan. Can we therefore look forward to more than just advertising?
With this campaign we want to strengthen out ties with our 9,500 employees across the world and demonstrate to them that we couldn’t reach our goals with their input. We want to promote intellectual exchange and increase networking between employees. Our relationship with our customers and partners should also be strengthened by the campaign.

ThinkGlobal-ActLocal_A4Those are uniting thoughts. Does ‘be connected’ also combine the old with the new or does it displace the current ‘Think global. Act local.’ concept?
No, quite the contrary. The great thing about it is that ‘be connected’ only works when the principle is brought to life at a local level and then expanded globally. Connections or connection attempts are not always successful.

Not all connections last forever. If a connection fails, should you try to reconnect the ties or should you make a clean break and look for new opportunities?
During the course of a lifetime there are always points at which a connection severs. How this is dealt with, however, is up to the individual. You have, no doubt, friends with whom you maintain a very close relationship. You also have acquaintances that you see only rarely and speak to them only when it arises. The connection here, however, is not severed as our recent campaign with former interns from Greenville has shown. We sent a letter and a copy of the last issue of »Prettl intern « to all former interns. We reminded them of their time with us and asked them to stay in touch via our social media channels. The response was excellent. There are, however, connections that should not be formed and should be enjoyed with great caution. Take for instance the current events in Paris. We must do everything with our positive connections to ensure that such fringe groups have no platform. It is therefore important to continually monitor existing connections in order to sever them intentionally or to re-cement them.

be-connected_SchriftzugYou should always make the most of your network, and hence this final question to you as a communications pro. What is the best way for our readers to connect with each other?
In the age of the ‘smombies’ – German youth word of the year for 2015, that no juvenile I’ve asked has heard of – we should try to be a little more personal. Connecting via social media channels, WhatsApp or email is efinitely possible although it is much nicer to speak to each other using good old face-to-face communication.

Daniel Stuckert
Global Head of Media & Corporate Communication at PRETTL group

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