REFUsol presents its three-phase string inverter range at SPI in Las Vegas

Pfullingen – REFUsol is presenting the new generation of three-phase string inverters for the American market at Solar Power International (SPI) in Las Vegas. It is being held from 12th to 15th September 2016. You will find REFUsol in Westgate Hall, booth number W1129.



REFUsol is presenting the new generation of the REFUsol 24K-UL three-phase string inverter in Las Vegas. The inverters are based on the successful platform of the REFUsol 08 … 23K family, which achieves maximum output without maintenance effort. In addition, the devices have undergone further development, and the new software enables them to be modified with ease in the future if, for example, it becomes necessary to connect energy storage or integrate the solar plant in smart grids. The software interface can be easily adapted to evolving grid connection requirements.

The REFUsol 48K-UL joins the 24K-UL for large commercial and utility-scale solar power plants. Like the REFUsol 24K-UL, these devices are passively cooled. With no active cooling required, the 24K-UL and 48K-UL are virtually maintenance-free and have an impressively long lifetime. In addition, its external DC Combiner Box and compact construction make it suitable for use in flexibly designed large-scale solar plants. These inverters can be positioned in the plants with great flexibility, directly at the solar modules or gathered at one location to meet the design requirements of the specific plant. The tried-and-tested UltraEta® topology enables the inverters in the 48K series to attain maximum efficiency levels of over 98%, even at partial load. This translates into a high return on investment. In addition, the use of string inverters enables individual sub-plants to be connected to the grid as soon as they are constructed, so revenues can be generated even before the solar plant, as a whole, has been completed.

Both devices are UL-certified and can, as you would expect, be connected to the REFUlog monitoring portal (which is free of charge), via the integrated data logger.

The image material is available for download here.

REFUsol 24K-UL

REFUsol 48K-UL

Christina Große Kathoefer
Director Marketing at REFU Elektronik GmbH

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