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Focus on the role of Chair/Global Sales and introducing the new CEO

“I am motivated by enthusiasm, emotion, and passion” Mr. Nowicki was appointed the new CEO of the Prettl Group in mid-2016 and was also recently made Chair of the Prettl Steering Committee with a focus on global sales. It’s time to get to know the man himself a little better.

■ “I think Prettl is one of the most exciting family-owned companies in Germany. I am motivated by enthusiasm, emotion, and passion,” said Heinz Nowicki, explaining his move. “The role of CEO and Chair of the Prettl Steering Committee involves a lot of organization, which is what excites me the most.”
When asked about the current situation, the new CEO said it is “good that there is no longer a leadership vacuum. When everything is in order, it gives staff a mental boost.” Working in close collaboration and constant consultation with the Prettl family, who run the business, Mr. Nowicki gained a good impression of the company and got to know every decision-maker within the divisions in the first 200 days in his new role.
When outlining his goals, Mr. Nowicki said: “Slow and steady wins the race. Over the next few years, we need to create a strong identifiable brand and a company that people can relate to. But this will take time.”
Some of the most comprehensive changes that he intends to make include merging and expanding sales and development wherever this seems appropriate and future-proofing Prettl with regard to contract development, IoT, and connectivity across all divisions and on a global scale.//

Daniel Stuckert | Global Head of MCC Daniel Stuckert

Degree in Electrical Engineering, majoring in Telecommunications in Hanover

Small, local company: Responsible for approving radios for public authorities, cold calling to sell electronic services and launching a sound therapy device on the European market to alleviate tinnitus

Work as an Application Engineer for a research institute: global responsibility for setting up and approving CNC-controlled optical measuring machines both within the company and at the customer’s premises

Ten years at AMP/Tyco, rising from Market Manager, to General Manager, and finally Business Unit Director of Tyco Electronics Industrial Division: Responsible for budgeting, turnover, EBIT, relocations, marketing, sales, development, finances etc., he managed more than 1,000 employees with turnover in excess of $600 million.

Mr. Nowicki founded two limited liability companies in Germany for a Taiwanese injection molding manufacturer which produces its goods in China: Responsible for managing the European subsidiaries.

Six years at Marvell Semiconductor, a US manufacturer of semiconductors, in various roles at the German subsidiary: Most recently as Marketing and Sales Manager operating in connectivity solutions, with a focus on automotive, IoT, connected/smart lighting, and the industrial sector. Responsible for developing new smart products and increasing turnover and profit
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