Test: Rational or emotional at work?

Do you wear your heart on your sleeve or do you think that emotions should be kept outside of the workplace?

Take our test. Simply mark the option that you think best applies to you. You will find the solution at the bottom of the page when you click the “Results” button.

1. You have just landed a new project for your team. You couldn’t be more excited about it and can hardly wait to begin. How do you behave?

Break out the champagne! I need to call all of my colleagues and tell them about the project right now. I’m going to need their help and then my project will have top priority!
I start by talking to my boss about the project, creating a project plan and inviting my colleagues to a meeting based on who I need help from. We can celebrate the success at a brainstorming session and then discuss how we will proceed.
I talk to my boss about the project, create a project plan and then send it to my colleagues so that they are informed regarding the upcoming tasks. They are welcome to get in touch with me if they have any questions.




2. You have a boss who is clearly discriminating against you and makes you feel as though he can’t stand you. How do you behave?

My boss pays my salary and doesn’t have to be my best friend. I can bite the bullet and get through the work day, and then in the evening I don’t have to deal with him anymore.
How can he be so mean? I talk to my friends about him behind his back. I am very intimidated when he’s around and often start crying due to anger and frustration.
I want to have a word with him! If he is dissatisfied with my behavior or with my work, then the only way to fix the issue is through discussion between two grown adults.




3. How do you interact with colleagues on the same level of the hierarchy as you?

I spend a great deal of time around my colleagues, so naturally I genuinely care about them. They don’t need to know everything about me and at the end of the day I have my own private life.
My colleagues always know about everything going on in my life! They are like friends to me and I confide in them completely.
I share very little private information with my colleagues. When I’m around them, I’m working. Therefore, our conversations and interactions should relate only to work.




4. Your partner left you unexpectedly and you feel completely lost. How do you behave at work?

I bury myself in my work and keep silent about the incident. Work is the best distraction and my personal issues are no one’s business.
I tell my colleagues what happened so that they understand that I am going through a rough time. I do not go into detail.
I am completely distracted and cannot concentrate properly on my work for an entire day. Best case scenario: I call in sick.




5. A colleague of yours is promoted to the position that you have been working toward for years. How do you react?

I give my colleague a formal congratulations on the promotion.
I congratulate my colleague and try to be happy for him/her. I admit that I would have liked to have gotten the position, but I wish him/her all the best in facing the new challenge.
How can something like this happen? My colleague is taking my position from me? This isn’t over yet! Just you wait!









Sarah Wurth
Assistant Global Media & Corporate Communications at Prettl group

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