The integration of refugees – Endress gives the chance of a better future


  • Endress Elektrogerätebau takes responsibility and promotes the local refugee integration support
  • Swabian producer of generators employs refugee from Syria and supports the diversity within the company


Bempflingen – With only about 7.000 working asylum seekers throughout Germany it becomes apparent, that the integration process of refugees does not run by itself. The challenges for employing companies concist mainly of missing language skills and also often lower skill levels, because the completed apprenticeships can´t be accepted in Germany.

One reason more for Christian Weissinger, director of Endress Elektrogerätebau in Bempflingen, to not only take the economical interest into account when looking for new workers, but to also emphasize the social responsibility.

After a 2-month internship at Endress, the 31 year old Alhasan Fahed from Aleppo started his work as an employed colleague on a regular basis in the electrical department for casing assembly  on September 1st. The young Syrian had already worked as an electrical engineer for high-voltage lines for six years in his home country before coming to Germany around one and a half years ago. Because his completed apprenticeship could not be accepted in Germany, he succesfully took a German course, which he already completed successfully with the certified B1-level. With the help of his school he then looked for a workplace or the possibility of an apprenticeshop to integrate himself fast and successful.

„My work at Endress Elektrogerätebau gives me great pleasure, because my colleagues are also very nice and cooperative.“, says Alhasan Fahed, „For my future I am hoping to find a training place to be an electrical engineer in Germany. I am sure that, due to my experience in Syria, I can also be successful in this job in Germany.“

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