Jupiter’s Innovation Immersion- Hi Five Team + JUPITER


Innovation Immersion was born as part of a collaboration between Jupiter and the Master students in Research for Design and Innovation or ‘Hi Five Team’ from Barcelona Elisava School of Design and Engineering.

Last week the innovation team Hi Five visited Jupiter in Stuttgart, Germany, to work hand-in hand on Jupiter’s future vision through co-creation workshops.

The main purpose of the trip was to understand Jupiter in-depth, meaning their current context in terms of their services and users. They also explored the future context focusing on answering the main question: Where does Jupiter want to go?

How the present can build the future

The Prettl group stated that the right mindset is to think global and act local. However, the innovation team presented a set of key insights focused on what is currently happening in the market and the main trends that will influence the near future.

It is critical to understand the external context and how it can affect or influence the local decisions made. These key insights helped identify where Jupiter is today  and what their future holds. Some of the key insights that were shared included energy consumption, a slower pace of life, the social environment of the kitchen and the revolution of technology. While some of these insights might work seamlessly together, others can create a conflict especially when it comes to targeting the right user and the lifestyle they want to pursue.

As the different trends and market insights were shared, Willi Prettl, Hifive and Jupiter’s team, defined the future vision of the company. The trend map was categorized by technology, cooking, social, and business. There are more aspects to the world of culinary than just the need to eat. The map is an excellent tool in understanding the users needs and wants. In order to improve the present situation, there much be a clear image of the future.


Key Insights: 


Jupiter Trends mapping:


Moving away from the culture of ‘putting out fires’, will better direct the company into investing in a culture that will build a vision and take action. It is important to be cohesive with the same dream for the brand and empower one another in the team to make that dream a reality. 



Hands to action

The co-creation workshop included a variety of design thinking tools such as the persona building and customer journey map. These tools were a great way of seeing the current situation with a fresh perspective and different point of view. As a result, the team’s enthusiastic participation brought about a clear understanding of Jupiter’s current context. There was a mutual willingness to stop doing the same thing over again, and take a chance in trying something different for the hope of Jupiter.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

This collaboration aims to underline key insights and explore future innovative solutions.


All photo credits: Hi Five

Veronica Hernandez