About us

Think global. Act local. That’s the philosophy of the Prettl group and, thanks to digitization, new dimensions have opened up with regard to this vision. This blog, for instance, is now stretching the “Act local” boundaries as the internet does away with the geographical borders and allows access to employees, customers and interested parties everywhere – in their local environment and directly to their screen. Hence, articles with location-related themes can inspire others and news and opinions can be discussed worldwide.

But prettl.news.com is more than just a corporate blog. That’s because “Think global” applies too. We are now looking beyond the horizon because Prettl, after all, is operating in an environment in which involvement is key. That’s why this blog will feature the latest industry news from the different divisions along with interesting reports and interviews. This is nothing new for us but simply the continuation of our Prettl intern magazine, which, in this respect, is taking a leap from the print and PDF format directly onto the web.

And because we’re bringing everything together, addressing you all with up-to-date articles that are only a click away, we don’t wish to neglect the press. And that’s why all press releases will also be available, sorted by company name.

We – that’s your Prettl communications team along with all committed employees and guest bloggers. And maybe, in a short while, you too?!

Write to us, add comments and help shape the new vision of: Think global. Act local.