Guidelines for comments


Basic rules

We look forward to receiving your comments. Please note, however, the following general rules.

The comments function on the blog should allow an objective and purposeful discussion to take place. In order to ensure this, we reserve the right to remove comments that are not conducive to such a discussion and do not relate to the contributions in question. We are under no obligation to publish all comments.

Tone and netiquette

Treat other users in exactly the same way you wish to be treated by them.

Remember, you are dealing here with real people and not virtual personalities. Argue your point by all means but never make personal attacks or refer to someone in a defamatory way.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Therefore, please do not attempt to force your opinion on others.


Deletion of comments

The following will lead to comments being deleted and the IP address being blocked for further comments:

  • Misuse as advertising space for other websites or services
  • Automated submission of comments
  • Commercial or private offers of goods or services
  • Racism and hate propaganda
  • Inciting violence against persons, institutions or companies
  • Pornographic or ambiguous content
  • Insulting and derogatory comments to persons of any kind
  • Violating third party rights including intellectual property rights
  • Calling for demonstrations and rallies of any political orientation
  • Comments not written in German or English  
  • Comments that do not relate to the discussion topic

These rules also apply to usernames.

We will not tolerate any violations of these rules. We therefore reserve the right to alter, move or delete contributions and comments, and to close the comment function for individual topics and contributions.

Users are responsible for the comments they post.

As a general rule: internal, confidential or classified information has no place on the web.



The comments to our contributions reflect solely the opinions of the individual readers. The PRETTL group assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the correctness and completeness of contents.