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Daniel Stuckert
Global Head of Media & Corporate Communication at PRETTL group

Diversity: A Contribution To Commercial Success – Expert interview with Michael Stuber


Mr. Stuber, when ‘Diversity’ is mentioned, many people primarily think about having more women in management positions. But that's not really the right way to see it, is it?

Whether rightly or wrongly, the perception is understandable. We have, over the years, regularly analyzed the Annual Reports of large corporations. The results show that the focus on gender has remained practically unchanged over the past twenty years. However, the breadth of topics covered has indeed developed, as has dealing with all aspects of diversity.

Initially, gender was an obvious priority, partially because the concept of equal opportunity already existed. Diversity became a broad-platform approach in the 1990s. The aim was to work on multiple aspects of diversity at the same time, in a synergistic way. The thought behind it was simple and ingenious: The challenges in handling differences in gender, age, culture or religion are similar, so they can be dealt with in a consistent way. I call this approach the ‘propelling performance principle’.

The great thing about it is that people rediscover themselves in this concept, because it is all about recognizing individuality. Everyone has a gender, an – ever changing – age, a cultural background, etc. Our work-related diversity, such as collaboration skills, or language skills, mobility or creativity can be more directly linked with business objectives such as productivity or customer focus. That’s important for at the end of the day, in a corporate environment everything has to be aligned with the business.

This coherent and holistic approach to Diversity fell apart when political decisions led to a single-sided focus on women in management a few years ago. Since then, it has been more difficult to convey diversity in a comprehensive, and hence credible way, and to get support for it. Many companies actually exceed the legal requirements when it comes to gender employment ratios. Actually, half of Europe’s top 50 companies cover five or more aspects of diversity, saying clearly: diversity is more than gender.


Does that mean that companies don't only involve themselves with diversity because of political regulations? What are the commercial reasons, then?

Our analyses show that there are three distinct business reasons: Firstly, it makes strategic sense. That's because, in an age of globalized business models and rapid change, companies need concepts that promote collaboration and innovation amongst diverse groups of people. Secondly, there is the operational necessity. That's because customers and candidates expect companies to welcome diversity and offer an open, flexible work environment.

Thirdly and finally, there is commercial viability: Companies are increasingly finding, that they cannot afford not to fully utilize existing diversity. Amazingly, that still used to be the case. Our marketing analyses, for example, reveal a clear waste of potential sales due to one-sided advertising. There are also many examples of failures caused by a lack of diverse perspectives in decision-making processes. Diversity also increases individual productivity. That's because we work better, engage more, and work harder, if we feel valued and respected.


That sounds like some kind of magical means of production – in fact, a panacea for the economy: is diversity really as simple as that?

Yes and no. Our evidence-based ‘propelling performance principle’ describes the value creation process of diversity and inclusion: according to that model, it takes more than simply deliberately recognizing differences, it is also necessary to be consciously open-minded and to acknowledge the potential of different talent and perspectives. As in so many situations, goodwill alone is not enough. Creating value from diversity also requires involvement. That is true both for processes, which must be equally fair, and work equally effectively, for everyone involved, as well as for people’s behavior. What is involved here is collaboration and leveraging individual strengths for joint success.

To sum up, we have to say: Diversity is neither an end in itself nor a silver bullet for success. Since everyone finds it easier to work with people like us and ignore others, we must overcome our lazy human attitude and break the mold.


Which objectives can a company like ours set, to justify this effort?

First and foremost, companies must be clear about the contributions diversity can make to their business – for the company as a whole, and also for its parts. These commercial considerations should then lead to the setting of objectives for diversity. Having more women in management positions can be an indicator that the HR processes and the corporate culture take better account of the available talent pool than before. But having them as an end in itself makes little commercial sense.

Objectives should also be defined for the corporate culture or the company's image, for example, how its customers perceive it. Striving to win awards or prizes can be also be meaningful objectives, as has been shown in other contexts.


Can one of the aims of diversity be to create understanding of difference and break down stereotypes? And how would one work to achieve such an objective?

Understanding difference and breaking down stereotypes are core issues when it comes to diversity. They are used to strengthen employee motivation and engagement, increase team performance, and improve the utilization of talent.

In practical terms, this is a Herculean, or Sisyphean, task. It's Herculean because many of our most strongly-held views and opinions were formed many years ago, and companies find it difficult – even if it's only workplace related – to question some of their established values and assumptions that also formed and fostered in the family and social environment. Hence, everyone brings their perceptions of gender roles and cultural dynamics perspectives to the workplace, where they can act as a barrier.

Diversity is also a Sisyphean task, because progress made with great effort can be undone in a moment by unexpected and mostly unwanted events. We can see that happening currently with regard to the integration of minorities in society. Society's view of migrants had improved over the years. Studies showed that migration improved the prosperity of the indigenous population and was a necessity for industrial nations. And yet: since the subject of migrants has been taken up for political purposes, doubt, prejudice and even attacks have increased drastically. Against other minorities too, by the way.


And what progress are we making with gender equality? Is this also under threat?

The majority of indicators show that gender equality is on the right track. However, we are far from fully utilizing the huge potential of well-educated young women. Even if they generally do not realize this while they are young. But then, in the rush-hour of life they encounter the same effects as their mothers did: when they become parents, they agree with the father that HE will continue in full-time employment, particularly as companies are much less willing to support the careers of employees who work part time. And here, we can observe a rarely noticed phenomenon in the allegedly hip, Generation Y: it includes several sub-groups some of which have traditional views, which do not promote gender equality.


What can Prettl do to promote diversity?

As already said, it is smart for every company to identify the contribution that diversity makes to its commercial success and recognize that first of all. This usually creates the basis for a range of strategies, which should be implemented in a well-coordinated framework, and not as a series of stand-alone initiatives:

  • Increase awareness of difference in many everyday situations, for example, through regular communication and interactions
  • Make adjustments in Human Resources, marketing and sales
  • Form business relations with external partners that expands the current talent pool
  • Continuously work with senior management, who promote diversity awareness through their behavior, give a sense of direction, define expectations and are default role models.

All of this must be carried out on the basis of high standards for openness, meritocratic performance management and fair, transparent processes. In this respect, moments of truth – situations in which you have to practice what you preach– are particularly important: How does the company or a manager react if a customer or employee does something that goes against diversity? If the company gives in, because that person is ‘an important customer’ or ‘a valued employee’, then the diversity house of cards collapses. It is necessary to demonstrate the right attitude, take a stand, adopt an attitude and lead by example. To that end, Diversity is no different from other leadership missions.


— End —

Michael Stuber is known as a pioneer regarding the topic "diversity" in Germany and at European level. Learn more about him and his work under


Prandi Wirings s.r.l. is going to be part of the PAS group


  • The PAS Management Holding GmbH buys the Italian company Prandi


Neuruppin, April 25th 2017 – Since April 1st, the company Prandi Wirings s.r.l. belongs to the PAS group. With the acquisition of the company, which is located in Mesenzana (Varese), Italy, PAS expands its know how in the sector of the production of wire harnesses and strengthens its presence as well as the customer service in this field.


About the PAS group:

The PAS group is one of the internationally leading developers and manufacturers of operating and cable systems in the segment of „white goods“. With sites in Germany, Poland, Turkey, China, the USA, Mexico and now also Italy, the PAS is a worldwide operating group of companies, which implements customized system solutions for the household appliance industry.True to the motto: „From the idea to volume production“, the PAS group, as an international partner, offers a wide range of services to their customers. 


Photo material:
Picture 1: Prandi_IT
Photo credit: PAS Management Holding GmbH


Here you can download the press release as a PDF-file.


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The development of Quality Management


For many years now, economic growth has been strongly shaped by the pressures of global competition and the increasing complexity of business models. Businesses, which of course include Prettl, have to deal with extended value chains, whilst at the same time differentiating themselves from their competitors by means of a unique customer focus and responsibility for quality.

The demands on business processes have grown enormously against this backdrop. Today we must be more ready than ever to create integrated business processes and adapt them flexibly to constantly changing conditions.

An efficient quality management system is vital to enable us to cope with this task. After all, quality is non-negotiable; it is the basic expectation of each and every customer!

In the Prettl intern edition 01/2017, the department of Central Quality Management of the Prettl group is introduced. In the following graphic you can see the general development of Quality Management over the last few years.


Prettl extends MotoGP sponsoring until the end of 2018


With the renewal of the sponsoring contract with the Octo Pramac Racing Team in the MotoGP, Prettl extends its involvement in motorcycle racing.

Pfullingen/Dukestown – The successful partnership between Octo Pramac Racing and Prettl is being extended for another two seasons. The presence of Prettl at the MotoGP started in 2015 and is now affirmed with the main sponsoring of the Octo Pramac Racing Team until the end of 2018.

The brand Prettl is going to be visible on both bikes of the Ducati Factory Team of Danilo Petrucci and Scott Redding as well as on the hospitality tents at all European races and the team clothing.


Paolo Campinoti (Team Principal Octo Pramac Racing)

We are extremely pleased to see our team lined up in the 2017 MotoGp season with the Prettl logo on the fairings of our Ducati Desmosedici. It is also thanks to Prettl that Pramac Racing can proudly be one of the oldest teams in the sovereign class of the world motorcycling championship, having celebrated in 2016 the fifteenth consecutive year in MotoGP. I am sure that thanks to the renewed support of the Prettl group, we will achieve even more exciting results in the coming seasons".


Daniel Stuckert (Head of Global Media & Corporate Communications of the Prettl group)

"We are very happy to continue the longstanding partnership with our sponsoring of the Pramac Racing Team. As being part of the energising market with Prettl energy, we are proud to support the most powerful form of sport: racing.
This year´s Ducatis of Scott and Danilo are branded with the Prettl logo, which fits perfectly: a strong company group on a strong bike. The sponsoring also gives us the opportunity to invite our customers and partners to Moto GP events throughout the year which helps us to strengthen these relationships because every race is always a great and impressive show.
We are keeping our fingers crossed for the Pramac Racing team to succeed in the 2017 Championship".

— End —


About Prettl

Automotive, Appliance solutions, Electronics, Energy and ProSys – these are the 5 business divisions of the multinational Prettl group. Served by the PRETTL Produktions Holding GmbH, the PRETTL Beteiligungs Holding GmbH and the PRETTL Foundation, the individual companies that make up the group, employing in excess of 9500 staff at more than 35 sites in over 25 countries, are run as fully independent enterprises. The secret recipe for these self-sustaining companies is being able to enjoy maximum entrepreneurial freedom and, as a result, being able to determine their own strategies, customers and markets. The individual companies are also united under the Prettl group’s ‘green’ vision. It sets out the basis for the achieved business success and extends to staff and technology levels as well as production levels. This is because it is not only in Prettl’s interest to safeguard the future but to shape the future too.


You can download the press release as a PDF-file here


Photo material



Photocredit: Pramac Racing


Daniel Stuckert

Globale Leitung Medien & Unternehmenskommunikation Prettl Unternehmensgruppe

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Well connected on the move

The new LTE Wi-Fi router Wi4U city from lesswire for local public transport

Development continues: Following on from the Wi4U pro – an LTE Wi-Fi router for motor vehicles and buses – lesswire GmbH based in Berlin, part of the international Prettl Group, is now presenting the Wi4U city. Certified according to DIN EN 50155 and issued with both an E1 certificate and an R&TTE certificate, this device offers high-speed Internet and multimedia services for rail and road vehicles operated by local public transport and is available with immediate effect.

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Full Service for EMS Applications with Strong Brands from PRETTL Electronics

The internationally active PRETTL Group's PRETTL Electronics division will be presenting a complete range of EMS-related services, from development expertise to electronics manufacturing to the provision of repairs, at the electronica trade fair in Munich. Three brands will be represented at this event, on Stand 313 in Hall C4.

lesswire GmbH, a provider of product development services for wireless connectivity, and a leading supplier of connected mobility systems, will attend as a joint exhibitor. Kurz GmbH, a recent acquisition, will also be mentioned, as a producer of custom electronic control systems, analog sensors, pressure switches and filter change displays.

Bringing together the expertise in these companies in PRETTL Electronics GmbH will enable its customers to benefit from mature specialist knowledge and a global presence, with numerous company sites. In addition to gaining an insight into the company's classic range of EMS services, and the production technologies used at PRETTL Electronics, trade fair visitors will also find more detailed information about PRETTL Electronics as their chosen manufacturing partner for industry, medical, aviation and smart metering.

All this will combine to create a coherent technical concept that will be ready for experts to come by and experience it in Munich between the 8th and 11th November. PRETTL Electronics has also posted a summary of its range of services on its relaunched website at, for anyone who is not able to attend the trade fair in person.


About PRETTL Electronics

As one of Germany's top 5 EMS service providers, PRETTL Electronics offers you everything from a single source, all in-house. PRETTL Electronics is the right company to talk to when you need a supplier that is truly at home in the world of product creation. At PRETTL Electronics, our expertise in product and (after-sales) service are not expensive extras: they are an integral part of our offering. That is because we combine the knowledge from our specialist departments and their experts to create fluent processes. These ensure that, in the end, the customer doesn't just get some kind of product that has been simply put together out of existing components, but is an inherently coherent solution. This also means that the customer will be inspired to trust in the company promise "Get it right the first time" in the future.

be connected. The new corporate video of the Prettl group is online

Expertise, quality and emotions, visualized in a two minute corporate video: The Prettl group is granting their customers, business partners and suppliers an exclusive look behind the scenes of the diversified group of companies. After more than 60 years of company history, there has now been generated a video, where mostly employees and their brands/products take over the direction.  During 120 seconds the corporate movie leads through the five divisions of the group of companies. “For us the corporate video is an ideal tool to visually illustrate wherefore we stand. Plenty of our customers and potential employees for example have no idea of the wide variety of expertise we have to offer”, says Daniel Stuckert, Head of Communications at the Prettl group.

In cooperation with the visavis film production from Berlin the film was created at various company locations worldwide. Besides sequences from the company headquarter in Pfullingen or the manufacturing of Prettl electronics in Lübeck, the corporate video represents authentically the daily work routine of over 9.500 employees worldwide. As of now the film can be found on the Prettl website, the blog and on YouTube. It is also going to be used for exhibitions and presentations. In addition, the two minute sequence is supposed to convince potential employees of the qualities of the Prettl group as an employer.



Lesswire products used at pilot project by the Bremer Straßenbahn AG

September 5th was the start of a new pilot project of the Bremer Straßenbahn AG, where 20 city buses and one tram were provided with products from the lesswire GmbH, a firm of the PRETTL group. Thereby it is possible for passengers to have an easy access to mobile internet without a prior registration. Ten more buses as well as ten trains of the public local traffic will also be equipped by the end of September 2016.

The 6-month testing phase intends to make the use of public transport instead of cars more attractive to the people.

You will find further information about the project and tips how to recognize already equipped buses in the video report of radiobremen.

Link to the video


Prettl Manufacturing and RavenTech enter into a joint venture

PR Appliance Technologies: not just a components and systems manufacturer

Prettl Manufacturing is entering into a joint venture with RavenTech GmbH, based in Nuremberg, Germany. The resulting company, PR Appliance Technologies S.A. de C.V.  headquartered in Querétaro, Mexico, will operate as a development partner for leading manufacturers in the household appliances industry.

The specialist knowledge that RavenTech GmbH will bring to the joint venture, as a provider of product development services, is an ideal complement to Prettl's global expertise in production using plastics. Together we shall offer the customer a broader spectrum of services with innovative concepts", explained Carlos Barroso, who is representing Prettl in PR Appliance Technologies, describing the purpose of the new company. The aim of PR Appliance Technologies is to work with customers to develop components and systems for white goods, such as dishwashers, fridges, washing machines and driers, that are future-proof, and to present itself in the market as a strong partner for OEMs. Other benefits and synergies will result from the experience gained by the two parent companies in the North and South American market over many years.


About Prettl

Automotive, Appliance Solutions, Electronics, Energy and ProSys are the 5 business areas of the Prettl group. Operated by Prettl Produktions Holding GmbH, Prettl Beteiligungs Holding GmbH and the Prettl Privatstiftung (private foundation), the successful, internationally active group, with more than 9,500 employees at more than 35 locations in more than 25 countries, is organised as a network of completely independent companies. The secret recipe of these autonomous companies: the benefits of maximum corporate freedom, bringing with it the ability to define their own strategies, customers and markets.

The companies are in turn united in the green philosophy promoted by Prettl, which is based on the commercial success it has achieved and involves not only its employees and technology, but also its products. For Prettl, simply securing the future is not enough, the goal is also to shape it.


About RavenTech

RavenTech operates worldwide as a development partner in the household appliances industry.
The company focusses on the customer-oriented development of innovative system solutions, from the component to the appliance as a whole. It supports the entire product development process from specification all the way through to production.
RavenTech's expertise includes both the mechanical and the functional design of systems and components. It carries out process development in its own process and acoustic laboratory.

Our many years of experience, innovative approach and network of specialists guarantee our ability to carry out projects efficiently.

RavenTech is the partner you need for forward-looking product development that takes into account the market requirements, performance data, costs, quality and time to market.


Press picture
Fotocredit:  PR Appliance Technologies S.A. de C.V., Querétaro, Mexico

Prettl Automotive Electric extends its site in Vietnam

Prettl Automotive Electric is adding another production and administration building to its site in the Vietnamese town of Hải Dương. By 2018, it is planned to set up a facility covering 16,000 square meters, for manufacturing exhaust emission regulation components, ABS and wheel speed sensors and components for use in future-oriented technologies, such as driver assistance systems. The inauguration ceremony for the first construction phase was recently held on the company's building plot. Guests included the Mayor of Hải Dương, the General Manager of the industrial zone and the largest Tier 1 automobile components suppliers, who are among Prettl's customer base.

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