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Steffen Thierfelder new director of the Prettl Pro GmbH


  • Since April 1st, Steffen Thierfelder (35) is responsible for the Prettl Pro GmbH in Pfullingen


Pfullingen – The newly founded Prettl Pro GmbH is involved with the organized set up of sales offices in European countries with the highest potential and the most important future markets worldwide. Tapping into these new markets is initiated from the head offices in Pfullingen, Germany, after thorough analysis. Thereby not only the companies of the der Prettl group are considered; the goal is to also help external companies with the task to be well positioned in the future.


 „For me the transition to Prettl Pro GmbH means a great change and a big chance to steer and expand the business development of Prettl internationally and to utilize the available potential in the future markets at the best and in a symbiotic way,“ says Thierfelder.

Steffen Thierfelder has extensive knowledge in the area of Marketing and Sales and already started his career during his studies of business administration as a retail business owner. Later on he expanded his knowledge as Marketing and Sales manager and  most recently he worked as managing director in the area of construction machinery and trading services before he now changed to the Prettl Pro GmbH.


Photo material:

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Photocredit: Prettl Pro GmbH


Here you can download the press release as a PDF-file.


Press contact:

Daniel Stuckert                                                                              

Global Head of Media &                                                             
Corporate Communications                                                     

Tel.: +49 (0)7121 707 171                                        
Mob.: +49 (0) 151 440 49 250                                      


Well connected on the move

The new LTE Wi-Fi router Wi4U city from lesswire for local public transport

Development continues: Following on from the Wi4U pro – an LTE Wi-Fi router for motor vehicles and buses – lesswire GmbH based in Berlin, part of the international Prettl Group, is now presenting the Wi4U city. Certified according to DIN EN 50155 and issued with both an E1 certificate and an R&TTE certificate, this device offers high-speed Internet and multimedia services for rail and road vehicles operated by local public transport and is available with immediate effect.

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be connected. The new corporate video of the Prettl group is online

Expertise, quality and emotions, visualized in a two minute corporate video: The Prettl group is granting their customers, business partners and suppliers an exclusive look behind the scenes of the diversified group of companies. After more than 60 years of company history, there has now been generated a video, where mostly employees and their brands/products take over the direction.  During 120 seconds the corporate movie leads through the five divisions of the group of companies. “For us the corporate video is an ideal tool to visually illustrate wherefore we stand. Plenty of our customers and potential employees for example have no idea of the wide variety of expertise we have to offer”, says Daniel Stuckert, Head of Communications at the Prettl group.

In cooperation with the visavis film production from Berlin the film was created at various company locations worldwide. Besides sequences from the company headquarter in Pfullingen or the manufacturing of Prettl electronics in Lübeck, the corporate video represents authentically the daily work routine of over 9.500 employees worldwide. As of now the film can be found on the Prettl website, the blog and on YouTube. It is also going to be used for exhibitions and presentations. In addition, the two minute sequence is supposed to convince potential employees of the qualities of the Prettl group as an employer.



Small device with a huge effect on animal welfare

Nowadays, every farmer involved in the breeding and rearing of animals must ensure that they have an source of emergency power which operates independently of the national grid. For example: in Germany, there are 60 cows in the average dairy herd. In order for dairy farms to compete in today's market, the majority of the tasks there are performed by machines. Milking robots, feeding machines, drinking water and ventilation supply systems, and heating lamps for new-born animals, all play their part in the everyday life of a farm. But what happens if there's a power failure? Every farmer's nightmare scenario comes horribly true: cows can't be milked at the right time, animals can't be given enough food and their young are put at risk of freezing to death.

It is therefore essential that farmers install an emergency power supply to prevent this terrible situation from happening. If the main electricity supply fails, this back-up source will then ensure that power still reaches the sheds and stalls to maintain a proper environment for the animals. So, wouldn't it be a good idea to have a mobile generator that you can use for everyday tasks, out in the fields, and also as an emergency power supply? Endress power take-off generators, with integrated IT/TN technology that allows them to switch quickly from one operating mode to the next, are the ideal solution here. Farmers can use them for one job, and then quickly and safely change the settings for the next task. There's no longer any need for help from expensive technicians who might not always be able to respond quickly in an emergency.

The current issue of Prettl intern has a report about power take-off generators and how they can be used in agriculture.

To sum up the report, not only can farmers enjoy the benefits of a mobile power supply which can be connected directly to a tractor, but the positive properties of a power take-off generator will also make some of their daily tasks around the farm that bit easier. When you are looking for the right generator, Endress Elektrogerätebau can provide a high quality solution which also meets all the requirements of the agricultural trade cooperatives. For example, the IP54 switching cabinet complies with all the IP44 class regulations for protecting generators. Being both weatherproof and protected against dust means that farmers can also use these generators out in the open – an essential requirement if they want to use the equipment as a source of power when out in the fields and as an emergency power supply.

A power take-off generator is not only a useful, mobile resource but also represents significant cost-savings to the farmer. They only need to buy one piece of equipment, which works equally well as a mobile generator and as an emergency backup, and doesn't have a motor which needs to be maintained. Put simply, a power take-off generator consists of a generator and the corresponding electronics, which are driven by a tractor's engine.

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Successful “Go Live” of SAP ERP ECC 6.0 Roll-Out Project at Prettl Home Appliances

Colón, Querétaro, Mexico – September 16, 2016. Prettl Home Appliances has announced the successful implementation of the SAP® ECC 6.0 ERP application. The scope included implementation of the SAP MM, MM-WM, FI, CO, CO-PA, PP and SD ERP modules.

Working in close partnership based on a proven template implemented at PAS Appliance Systems  SA. de CV El Marques in 2012, PAS and the PHAS SAP Team guided the company through the process of implementing the SAP integrated ERP system. The goal was to replace a old legacy system, XPPS/ASSIST, with a single modern state-of-the-art system. Using the new system enables PHAS to streamline back-office processes, enhance time-to-value, optimise the tracking and management of production activities, increase transparency across its supply chain processes, improve project management and streamline its financial systems. The robust solution framework has been designed to optimise PHAS business processes, increasing efficiency and speeding up decision-making.

The roll-out was implemented in an aggressive timeframe of 6 months, strictly to budget, despite the tightly regulated environment.

"This has beyond doubt been a stimulating and challenging project to be involved in." The project involved a complex collaborative model including plants in the cities of Colón and Comonfort. The project is a testimonial to the increased benefits that companies can gain by leveraging from leading-edge SAP best practices. Strengthened by its experience in diversified industries, PHAS is committed to offering competitive integrated technology platforms to help organisations optimise their business processes and achieve long-term growth goals. – Dante Liera Rostro, PHAS Operations Director

PHAS proudly congratulates its staff on the successful implementation. As partners in this success, we reiterate our commitment to providing unceasing support to the Appliances Division and the PAS SAP team headquartered in Neuruppin, Germany.

Fotocredit: PRETTL Home Appliance Solutions de Mexico, S.A. de C.V., Colón, Querétaro, Mexico

Prettl Manufacturing and RavenTech enter into a joint venture

PR Appliance Technologies: not just a components and systems manufacturer

Prettl Manufacturing is entering into a joint venture with RavenTech GmbH, based in Nuremberg, Germany. The resulting company, PR Appliance Technologies S.A. de C.V.  headquartered in Querétaro, Mexico, will operate as a development partner for leading manufacturers in the household appliances industry.

The specialist knowledge that RavenTech GmbH will bring to the joint venture, as a provider of product development services, is an ideal complement to Prettl's global expertise in production using plastics. Together we shall offer the customer a broader spectrum of services with innovative concepts", explained Carlos Barroso, who is representing Prettl in PR Appliance Technologies, describing the purpose of the new company. The aim of PR Appliance Technologies is to work with customers to develop components and systems for white goods, such as dishwashers, fridges, washing machines and driers, that are future-proof, and to present itself in the market as a strong partner for OEMs. Other benefits and synergies will result from the experience gained by the two parent companies in the North and South American market over many years.


About Prettl

Automotive, Appliance Solutions, Electronics, Energy and ProSys are the 5 business areas of the Prettl group. Operated by Prettl Produktions Holding GmbH, Prettl Beteiligungs Holding GmbH and the Prettl Privatstiftung (private foundation), the successful, internationally active group, with more than 9,500 employees at more than 35 locations in more than 25 countries, is organised as a network of completely independent companies. The secret recipe of these autonomous companies: the benefits of maximum corporate freedom, bringing with it the ability to define their own strategies, customers and markets.

The companies are in turn united in the green philosophy promoted by Prettl, which is based on the commercial success it has achieved and involves not only its employees and technology, but also its products. For Prettl, simply securing the future is not enough, the goal is also to shape it.


About RavenTech

RavenTech operates worldwide as a development partner in the household appliances industry.
The company focusses on the customer-oriented development of innovative system solutions, from the component to the appliance as a whole. It supports the entire product development process from specification all the way through to production.
RavenTech's expertise includes both the mechanical and the functional design of systems and components. It carries out process development in its own process and acoustic laboratory.

Our many years of experience, innovative approach and network of specialists guarantee our ability to carry out projects efficiently.

RavenTech is the partner you need for forward-looking product development that takes into account the market requirements, performance data, costs, quality and time to market.


Press picture
Fotocredit:  PR Appliance Technologies S.A. de C.V., Querétaro, Mexico

Prettl Automotive Electric extends its site in Vietnam

Prettl Automotive Electric is adding another production and administration building to its site in the Vietnamese town of Hải Dương. By 2018, it is planned to set up a facility covering 16,000 square meters, for manufacturing exhaust emission regulation components, ABS and wheel speed sensors and components for use in future-oriented technologies, such as driver assistance systems. The inauguration ceremony for the first construction phase was recently held on the company's building plot. Guests included the Mayor of Hải Dương, the General Manager of the industrial zone and the largest Tier 1 automobile components suppliers, who are among Prettl's customer base.

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Sponsoring at Prettl

PRETTL carries out targeted sports sponsoring and commits itself to social projects. Why and who do you offer support to?
We consciously carry out a targeted sponsoring programme in sport and elsewhere, such as our support for the preservation of historic buildings in the urban development sector. Since its founding, the PRETTL group’s home has been in the southern German town of Pfullingen from where it has grown into a globally active, familyrun enterprise. A further expression of commitment to this location is our involvement with VfL Pfullingen,the town’s largest sports club. Both the club and PRETTL have much in common :

Stamina, good will and assertiveness, as well as creativity and courage.

Social projects are also important to us, such as the reduction of CO² emissions during the transportation of our goods.Together with our logistic partners we are working on reducing emissions by means of more efficient logistics. Another project is “Promoting Entrepreneurship”. Here the PRETTL Foundation is pursuing the aim of promoting outstanding business ideas and entrepreneurial thinking. Our basic idea is very simple: as a companywe want to be a good fellow citizen in all aspects of life!


What goals do you pursue as a sponsor?
The aim of our sponsoring activities is to increase brand awareness, to clarify what we stand for and to contribute directly to the solutions of social challenges.

How does sports sponsoring correspond with your brand?
Take for instance our involvement with second division handball side VfL Pfullingen, or with Formula Student Germany or with Ducati in MotoGP, in each of these cases we are achieving the desired visibility.And these activities, particularly the handball in our head office town of Pfullingen and our motorsport involvement, fit perfectly to our brand values and also reflect the lines of business in which we are active on a daily basis.

Can the success of your sponsoring activities be measured?
Consumers by brands that are well-known and likeable that applies to all markets.Together with numerous image and decision related factors, we measure the development of our brand awareness and we are thoroughly satisfied with the results. Another particularly beneficial aspect of our sponsoring which we have noticed is the internal impact. Here, we are talking not only about staff teams that sometimes play football or handball against VfL Pfullingen, but also employees that visit sponsored exhibitions and festivals or come up with their own suggestions.Our involvement in MotoGP is also now firmly anchored.

And a very strong, cross-company enthusiasm for football also exists which has allowed us, for several years now,to organize our own internal PRETTL Cup! This all strengthens team spirit and contributes to the fact that our employees are able to identify themselves with the PRETTL brand.

How is sponsoring organized in your company?
Sponsoring is one of our marketing and communications instruments with its responsibility lying within the marketing department. With the use of appropriate controlling instruments, the marketing department reports regularly on the results of sponsoring activities and the effectiveness of the resources used.

The PRAMAC brand has been involved in MotoGP with Ducati for several years – you haven’t, however, been one of the front runners for some time. Why do you still continue to stand by this commitment?
Our decision to enter partnerships is not made simply when we’re on the road to success. We stand behind our promise and the cooperative venture even when low points are reached. This is typical of PRETTL. And that is exactly how we view each partnership. Apart from that, we are confident that the next success is already on the horizon.


Family-owned company wins German Brand Award 2016

The Prettl company group wowed the judges in Excellence in Brand Strategy, Management and Creation

The Prettl company group was given the German Brand Award in the category of Excellence in Brand Strategy, Management and Creation for its campaign with the slogan "Prettl connects. Be connected". Daniel Stuckert, Head of Communication, accepted the award at the ceremony in Berlin on 16 June.

"We are proud to receive the German Brand Award for two reasons: Firstly, it recognises our work over the previous three years and the suitability of this campaign, with a brand tonality that emphasises the connectedness our company group. Secondly, this award is proof that family-owned companies are in the midst of a sea change with respect to their communication approaches," states Stuckert of the prize and alludes to the reputation of communication strategies among family-owned companies. "Family-owned companies are often accused of practising restrained communication, particularly with the outside world. This award proves that new behaviour patterns can be learned and that the family-owned company model is not inferior to the corporate-run models in any way."

The "Prettl connects. be connected" campaign.
"be connected" – this Prettl motto could also be attributed to the ideal type of company communication," says Stefan Heidbreder, CEO of Stiftung Familienunternehmen (The Foundation for Family Businesses in Germany and Europe) in an interview with the Prettl customer and employee magazine, "Prettl intern". Here, as a third party, Heidbreder is addressing what Stuckert is always emphasising in the Prettl communication strategy. "Prettl connects. Be connected." is more than a campaign for us. This motto allows us to visualise the description of our courses of action," Stuckert says as he continues to explain Prettl's intention. "Prettl has always connected people, cultures, technologies and products with each other and their surroundings."

The "Prettl connects. Be connected" campaign prompted the creation of new leading forms of media and active discussion of the topic at employee and customer events. These events focus on both the region surrounding Prettl headquarters in Pfullingen and the global locations of the company group.

About the German Brand Award
The German Brand Award is a distinction that recognises successful brand management in Germany. It aims to discover, showcase and reward pioneering brands and brand creators. The organiser of the competition is the Rat für Formgebung (German Design Council). Innovative brands, consistent brand management, sustainable brand communication as well as people and companies that are pioneers in the world of brands are all honoured.

About the organisers
The German Brand Institute was founded in an effort to strengthen the significance of brand management as a critical factor in the success of companies on the national and international stage. The German Brand Award bestowed upon the winner by this institute and the German Design Council is a unique prize awarded for outstanding brand management.
The German Brand Institute was founded by the German Design Council and GMK Markenberatung, a brand consulting firm based in Cologne. The creation of this institute demonstrates the dedication of the German Design Council to the competitiveness of German brands.

Images to download:
Head of Global Media & Corporate Communications Daniel Stuckert with the award


Prettl automotive awarded the title of Global Market Leader 2016

Prettl automotive has been awarded the ‘Global Market Leader 2016’ quality seal for outstanding achievement in the sensor, sensor cable and cable assembly segment. As a result, this division of the Prettl group is now listed in the Global Market Leader Index compiled by the University of St. Gallen and the Academy of German Global Market Leaders (ADWM).

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