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Is it all home-made?!

Discussion about biscuits with the (solution) recipe

"Did you make all these yourself?", "Of course, just try one!": phrases we've all heard many times before, and not just at Christmas. And, if we're being honest, at least by the time we've worked out which of our friends are kitchen wizards and biscuit meisters, we're more than happy to tuck in. Is there anything better than home-made biscuits?
Well, yes, if it's all really home-made.

Home-made – from "straight out of the bag" to "home-ground"

But where does "home-made" actually start? Apart from the "straight out of the bag, but I served it myself" crowd, modern biscuit connoisseurs do know the differences when it comes to "home-made". Although some people are happy to use a cake mix, and then get creative with brightly coloured icing (and there's nothing wrong with that!), others prefer to mix the dough themselves. This second group come pretty close to the ideal of "home-made", but there is also another group of bakers, who literally "take the biscuit" by using ingredients that are as unrefined and unprocessed as possible. Their reward is more taste and genuine freshness. And Jupiter makes all this possible with almost no fuss.

One device + many attachments = 100% home-made

With a kitchen gadget like the Variomaxx, you can make biscuits that really are totally home-made. Thanks to a specially designed adapter and a suitable grain milling attachment from the Jupiter system, you can use this kitchen gadget to grind your own flour, quickly and efficiently (see also page 54 Prettl intern #02/2016). All the other ingredients are then mixed in and kneaded in the kitchen gadget's bowl. The dough is ready in next to no time. And if you want to use it to make piped biscuits (the recipe's below), simply change the attachment. Finally, send the biccies off to the oven. Sadly, that's something the multi-talented Variomaxx can't manage yet ;). While you're waiting for the biscuits to turn golden brown, with their delicious aroma pervading the kitchen, you can use other attachments to create the decorations yourself, for example, by flaking nuts or grating chocolate into curls or chips.

But what if every day is Christmas day?

You might get annoyed and think "I should really be saving myself all this effort". And not without good reason: life is too short to make everything yourself from scratch. However, in that run-up to Christmas, when we all make that bit more effort to bake and prepare goodies for our nearest and dearest, being able to give "100% home-made biscuits" as a gift isn't maybe just something you'd find in fairy tales. Especially not if you have the right kitchen gadgets to help you.

So, maybe your response to the inevitable, "Did you make it yourself?" will be a happy and heartfelt "Yes!".


u-blox acquires automotive short range modules business from lesswire

Thalwil, Switzerland and Berlin, Germany – December 2, 2014 – Swiss based u-blox (SIX:UBXN) announces the acquisition of the automotive-grade Bluetooth and Wi-Fi module products and a team of key engineers from lesswire AG, a subsidiary of the PRETTL group. Founded in 1999, lesswire is a privately owned company that provides robust vehicle-ready short range wireless communication modules to Tier-1 automotive electronics suppliers in Europe and Asia.

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