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Prandi Wirings s.r.l. is going to be part of the PAS group


  • The PAS Management Holding GmbH buys the Italian company Prandi


Neuruppin, April 25th 2017 – Since April 1st, the company Prandi Wirings s.r.l. belongs to the PAS group. With the acquisition of the company, which is located in Mesenzana (Varese), Italy, PAS expands its know how in the sector of the production of wire harnesses and strengthens its presence as well as the customer service in this field.


About the PAS group:

The PAS group is one of the internationally leading developers and manufacturers of operating and cable systems in the segment of „white goods“. With sites in Germany, Poland, Turkey, China, the USA, Mexico and now also Italy, the PAS is a worldwide operating group of companies, which implements customized system solutions for the household appliance industry.True to the motto: „From the idea to volume production“, the PAS group, as an international partner, offers a wide range of services to their customers. 


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Here you can download the press release as a PDF-file.


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Successful “Go Live” of SAP ERP ECC 6.0 Roll-Out Project at Prettl Home Appliances

Colón, Querétaro, Mexico – September 16, 2016. Prettl Home Appliances has announced the successful implementation of the SAP® ECC 6.0 ERP application. The scope included implementation of the SAP MM, MM-WM, FI, CO, CO-PA, PP and SD ERP modules.

Working in close partnership based on a proven template implemented at PAS Appliance Systems  SA. de CV El Marques in 2012, PAS and the PHAS SAP Team guided the company through the process of implementing the SAP integrated ERP system. The goal was to replace a old legacy system, XPPS/ASSIST, with a single modern state-of-the-art system. Using the new system enables PHAS to streamline back-office processes, enhance time-to-value, optimise the tracking and management of production activities, increase transparency across its supply chain processes, improve project management and streamline its financial systems. The robust solution framework has been designed to optimise PHAS business processes, increasing efficiency and speeding up decision-making.

The roll-out was implemented in an aggressive timeframe of 6 months, strictly to budget, despite the tightly regulated environment.

"This has beyond doubt been a stimulating and challenging project to be involved in." The project involved a complex collaborative model including plants in the cities of Colón and Comonfort. The project is a testimonial to the increased benefits that companies can gain by leveraging from leading-edge SAP best practices. Strengthened by its experience in diversified industries, PHAS is committed to offering competitive integrated technology platforms to help organisations optimise their business processes and achieve long-term growth goals. – Dante Liera Rostro, PHAS Operations Director

PHAS proudly congratulates its staff on the successful implementation. As partners in this success, we reiterate our commitment to providing unceasing support to the Appliances Division and the PAS SAP team headquartered in Neuruppin, Germany.

Fotocredit: PRETTL Home Appliance Solutions de Mexico, S.A. de C.V., Colón, Querétaro, Mexico

Prettl Manufacturing and RavenTech enter into a joint venture

PR Appliance Technologies: not just a components and systems manufacturer

Prettl Manufacturing is entering into a joint venture with RavenTech GmbH, based in Nuremberg, Germany. The resulting company, PR Appliance Technologies S.A. de C.V.  headquartered in Querétaro, Mexico, will operate as a development partner for leading manufacturers in the household appliances industry.

The specialist knowledge that RavenTech GmbH will bring to the joint venture, as a provider of product development services, is an ideal complement to Prettl's global expertise in production using plastics. Together we shall offer the customer a broader spectrum of services with innovative concepts", explained Carlos Barroso, who is representing Prettl in PR Appliance Technologies, describing the purpose of the new company. The aim of PR Appliance Technologies is to work with customers to develop components and systems for white goods, such as dishwashers, fridges, washing machines and driers, that are future-proof, and to present itself in the market as a strong partner for OEMs. Other benefits and synergies will result from the experience gained by the two parent companies in the North and South American market over many years.


About Prettl

Automotive, Appliance Solutions, Electronics, Energy and ProSys are the 5 business areas of the Prettl group. Operated by Prettl Produktions Holding GmbH, Prettl Beteiligungs Holding GmbH and the Prettl Privatstiftung (private foundation), the successful, internationally active group, with more than 9,500 employees at more than 35 locations in more than 25 countries, is organised as a network of completely independent companies. The secret recipe of these autonomous companies: the benefits of maximum corporate freedom, bringing with it the ability to define their own strategies, customers and markets.

The companies are in turn united in the green philosophy promoted by Prettl, which is based on the commercial success it has achieved and involves not only its employees and technology, but also its products. For Prettl, simply securing the future is not enough, the goal is also to shape it.


About RavenTech

RavenTech operates worldwide as a development partner in the household appliances industry.
The company focusses on the customer-oriented development of innovative system solutions, from the component to the appliance as a whole. It supports the entire product development process from specification all the way through to production.
RavenTech's expertise includes both the mechanical and the functional design of systems and components. It carries out process development in its own process and acoustic laboratory.

Our many years of experience, innovative approach and network of specialists guarantee our ability to carry out projects efficiently.

RavenTech is the partner you need for forward-looking product development that takes into account the market requirements, performance data, costs, quality and time to market.


Press picture
Fotocredit:  PR Appliance Technologies S.A. de C.V., Querétaro, Mexico

PAS – a choice for the future

Become trainee at PAS

You don´t have a training place for 2016? We have the solution: Become a process mechanic for plastics technology with specialization in molding at PAS in Neuruppin! PAS has spoken with their current trainee Maximilian about his profession.

Max, you are now in your3rd year and have your final exam in summer. What do you think about your last years here?
I have really enjoyed them. The training is very varied and fun in every way , too.

What are your favorite tasks?
"Working with the material plastic is generally a topic of interest. Due to the fact that training at PAS isn´t reduced to injection molding but also for example laminating and extruding, I like a lot of things and tasks here."

Why did you choose the profession process engineer?
"When I was looking for an apprenticeship I see the best prospects and opportunities for my future in the process mechanics."

What requirements do you think should a candidate have to apply for this training?
"Important are definitely basic knowledge in the natural sciences of chemistry, physics and mathematics, a certain technical understanding and spatial thinking are a good base for applicants. Otherwise the training can become difficult."

Whom would you recommend this career?
"I recommend the profession to anyone who is interested in technology and would like to work in the production with different machines. With respect to the fact that you cover a very wide range of tasks through this training you can work in different jobs. That leads you to good future perspectives. Like plastic itself does, because of the fact that it is a relative new material with future potential.”

Thank you Max and good luck for your exam.

About the trainee
Process mechanics for plastic technologies work in our plastic production. They set up our injection molding machines, maintain the machines and equip them for production. Furthermore, they are responsible different peripheral devices, such as robots, temperature controllers, mills and dryers. Also the measurement of plastic parts according to defined quality criteria is an essential part of the work. The training lasts 3 years and is carried out in network with the Schwerin Training Centre. The professional education takes place in Neustrelitz. The cost of housing on site in Schwerin and Neustrelitz are taking by PAS. After passing the test, you will be a part of PAS production team.


PAS on the path to success in Turkey

What happens when PAS technologies introduces itself to a household appliance giant such as Arçelik in a workshop?  Large-scale projects are obtained and paths are set for further collaboration.

PAS quickly secured two projects with Arçelik, which also owns brands such as Grundig. As a result, PAS will soon begin manufacturing over 400,000 front panels for dryers annually and in doing so, it will utilise its expertise in plastic injection moulding, pad printing, laser decoration, ultrasonic welding technologies and installation.
In addition to the front panels, cable harnesses will be delivered thanks to the expertise in crimping and IDC technology.
The deliveries are currently limited to Arçelik plants in Turkey, but discussions are also taking place regarding deliveries for plants in Romania, for example. This would also allow the application area to expand simultaneously to dishwashers.

The full spin

Becoming an innovator with washing machine components
Innovations are not just the impressive devices like smartphones and electric-powered vehicles. Innovations are also things that make a production site special, that secure jobs and guarantee competitiveness. Innovations – that’s what the manufacture of washing machine components is all about… I beg your pardon, washing machine components?!

Yes exactly. And the proof is provided for us by PAS Deutschland GmbH. The company has incidentally won for the second time in a row the state of Brandenburg’s Innovation Prize for the Plastics and Chemicals Industry.

The difference between three and three
This year, rearranging production according to lean management guidelines has allowed them to pick up the coveted award as the result has been very impressive: a reduction in the production cycle time of control panels from 3 days to 3 hours. Faster production is something every company strives for but in this case it has also raised PAS’s competitiveness with East European firms thus securing the site and the workplaces.

A silver phase
Speeding things up also took place back in 2014 with costs and waiting times being reduced thanks to a new injection moulding technique for silver design parts with metal pigment granules. That’s because since then, silver-coloured components must no longer be sent to the paint shop. Before, such components went through wet-paint or drum painting processes with long waiting times and additional transport costs. That’s all in the past now since PAS has worked out how to directly apply the silver colour in the tool during production.

As you can see, it’s not just during the washing programme that plenty of action is going on. And according to the manufacturer you should also be able to notice this, hence the glass door in the front of the machine ;)



Different strategy

How Prettl remains in its customers’ minds

“I never did any marketing, I just always loved my customers,” said the legendary Zino Davidoff. Following anti-Semitic attacks, Davidoff fled Kiev as a 5-year-old with his family to Switzerland. In 1912, his father opened a tobacconist shop in Geneva. The young Zino learnt from his father from an early age – not only how to mix tobacco but also that the needs and wishes of the customers were paramount. Unlike anyone else, Zino Davidoff was later able to make cigar smoking an art form. With his unmistakeable feel for special things, he turned not only his tobacco goods, fragrances, leather goods and spirits into brands, he turned himself into these things too. The secret of his success?

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Chicken or egg. Company or values.

The values of the Prettl group were recently presented in a Prettl intern article. But where do these values actually originate from? Before founding a company, do you sit down with pen and paper and determine the words that should guide the way? Or are they the result of a marketing department’s brainstorming session? Here you can find out more.

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Despite complicated growth Dynamics – the Prettl group has site expansion plans for Mexico

The fact that the dynamics of both urban and business growth in Mexico is somewhat complicated has been made apparent to the Prettl group through its business and production activities in the country since 1997. The potential of the region is, however, fully realised by the group. The planned expansion in the Querétaro area merely underlines Prettl’s view on this.
The first of four planned production sites should be completed by the end of the year. At present, efforts are being made to obtain the authorisation for the construction of the new production lines that should create over 1200 new jobs. “We are planning on employing around 4000 people in Mexico by 2017. A 12% increase in turnover for 2015 shows that we are on the right path,” explained Rafael Navarro, Commercial Director of the Prettl group’s NAFTA Components & Systems Division.
With this project, Prettl is focusing in particular on expanding the automotive, electronics, energy and home appliances divisions.

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