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Outsourcing: The tool to generate more

The market conditions and the rules for corporate success have changed significantly in the past ten years: sites with high personnel costs have clearly lost their appeal. The result: companies are being increasingly forced to transfer the production or assembly of products to emerging regions in Eastern Europe due to increasing cost pressure.

Mr Haug, you are the Sales Director at Prettl Metal Components and are responsible for outsourcing. In your opinion, what do outsourcing providers need to prepare themselves for today?
In the field of outsourcing, companies are looking for efficient, reliable and experienced service providers that will function as long-term partners and are able to assume the procurement and quality assurance obligations of complex products. Today, an outsourcing provider is required to be well placed on the international and global stage.

In your view, what advantages does outsourcing bring to companies?
One the one hand, it enables companies to concentrate on their core competencies. On the other, cost savings arise due to reductions in cost pools for labour, ancillary labour and storage. In addition to this, the transfer of cost-intensive processes creates space for new products/production lines. Outsourcing also opens the door to new markets and market activities in Hungary and Eastern Europe.

Why should companies focus especially on PRETTL as an outsourcing partner?
PRETTL is an outsourcing partner that is extremely well positioned globally. We understand the needs of our automotive customers and have over 15 years of outsourcing experience in a variety of complex technological sectors. Productivity, employee qualifications and the quality of the finished goods in Eastern Europe has reached Western standards in recent years. The production lines of our customers are transferred to our plant in Szekszárd, Hungary, where the products or systems are produced. PRETTL also assembles and manufactures highly complex products, in line with German quality standards, such as complete electric motors and wiper mechanisms. We are also certified according to ISO TS 16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. To sum up, the customer receives a comprehensive outsourcing service package.

How will outsourcing develop in the coming years?
Competitive pressure is ever increasing due to growing globalisation, the displacement of the markets to Eastern Europe and Asia, and a concentration process in the automotive market. Product innovation cycles are becoming ever shorter with manufacturers’ product programmes becoming broader and more in depth. These factors influence the corporate strategies and raise the cost pressures of companies to transfer their production lines. Outsourcing will remain in focus as a cost optimisation tool.

Prettl Automotive Electric extends its site in Vietnam

Prettl Automotive Electric is adding another production and administration building to its site in the Vietnamese town of Hải Dương. By 2018, it is planned to set up a facility covering 16,000 square meters, for manufacturing exhaust emission regulation components, ABS and wheel speed sensors and components for use in future-oriented technologies, such as driver assistance systems. The inauguration ceremony for the first construction phase was recently held on the company's building plot. Guests included the Mayor of Hải Dương, the General Manager of the industrial zone and the largest Tier 1 automobile components suppliers, who are among Prettl's customer base.

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White marks indicate expertise

The automotive industry has been struggling with insufficient cable tightness for decades. If liquids, such as water or petrol, enter the vehicle electronics, the prospects aren't good. Breakdowns due to short circuits or loss of electric connection due to corrosion. Protech, a development and research unit at Prettl, has come up with an innovative method to ensure that the cable tightness needed is produced.

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1-to-1 outsourcing – it doesn’t get any easier

Cost pressure on volume production, resource management for end-of-life production, space issues. These are just some of the reasons why companies decide to work with an outsourcing partner. It's a distinct trend as more and more companies realise that outsourcing specialists can cover a huge range of tasks at higher quality and lower costs. Prettl Metal Components (PMC), part of the Prettl group of companies and a manufacturer of metal components and seat structures, has set its Outsourcing division the task of offering this service to the automotive supply market. It has in excess of 15 years of project experience. But how does outsourcing work at PMC?

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Wiring and Sensors – The Car’s Nervous System

They have always played a pivotal role in the automotive sector: cables. Prettl’s strength in cable assemblies is one reason for them being a trusted partner to the automotive industry. Cable solutions, combined with know-how in injection molding and electronics, make an important contribution to sensor technology. Prettl has also been able to make a name for itself here too.

However in which areras of a vehicle are our components used? Here you'll get the answer:

Prettl automotive awarded the title of Global Market Leader 2016

Prettl automotive has been awarded the ‘Global Market Leader 2016’ quality seal for outstanding achievement in the sensor, sensor cable and cable assembly segment. As a result, this division of the Prettl group is now listed in the Global Market Leader Index compiled by the University of St. Gallen and the Academy of German Global Market Leaders (ADWM).

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PROTECH shares its knowlege at the SIRIM Event in Malaysia

Learn from the best – was the motto of the SIRIM event that took place in Malaysia on 15th October 2015. Companies from all over the world demonstrated their innovative capabilities when working together with research institutions. The objective of the event was to offer small and medium enterprises (SMEs) from Malaysia the chance to learn from successful, same-sector companies. The experiences of Protech were also in demand at the event.

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The IAA gets an electric shock

The most important premieres seen to date at the IAA 2015 appear to be extremely sensible. Although while the Opel Astra and the Audi A4 continue to run under the banner of “it’s still feasible”, horsepower mania still manages to hold its corner and a dash of fantasy prevails in the innovations at the show.

Never before was there so much electric power flowing through the IAA than at this year’s event. Electric cars and (plug-in) hybrids from many well-known car manufacturers dominated the open-air sites and functioned as show taxis between the exhibition halls. In Hall 3.1, in the New Mobility World, all electric vehicles were showcased in one place. Electric cars and plug-in hybrids, however, were presented on the majority of manufacturers’ stands and numerous exciting models were to be found practically everywhere.

Here is therefore a summary of our highlights after covering 10.01 km in 11,869 steps:

Compact cars:
IMG_0486Since a number of important models such as the Smart, the Renault Twingo and the Opel Karl have recently been launched onto market, premieres at the show in this class were extremely thin on the ground. There were, however, a few amusing features being presented.

Medium class:
The most important new model for the family man has to be the new Audi A4. Up to 120 kilograms lighter and up to 21 percent more economical than its predecessor, both saloon and estate versions were on display in Frankfurt. Emphasis was also given to showcasing the sporty S models. The official response from Stuttgart-based car maker Mercedes was a coupé for the C-Class while BMW presented their 3 Series facelift for the first time to a large audience. Skoda, however, was also in on the act premiering the new Superb saloon to partner the estate version.

Luxury class:
IMG_0511Formal, fast or fresh – the three factors that high-income earners had to decide between when looking for a new luxury model at the IAA. Those who want it formal were being allured to the BMW stand and the new 7 Series. Those who like it fast were recommended to take a look at the reengineered Porsche 911, probably the most important new sports car at the show. Out go the naturally aspirated engines in the Carrera and Carrera S, in come downsized units with turbos. And those who attach value to fresh air had the choice between the Mercedes S-Class Cabriolet, the Mercedes Maybach (my personal favourite in this class) and the open-top Rolls-Royce Ghost, which should supplement the model portfolio next spring going under the name of Dawn.

Alternative drives:
As has become a tradition, the German manufacturers once again set the tone on home soil. The new e-tron quattro ‘Tesla fighter’ from Audi as well as my personal highlight from the entire show, the Porsche E Motion, are prime examples of the future of the automobile.

Along with big names such as Bosch, ZF, Valeo and Elring Klinger, we, together with Tesona and Pex, were also present making our contribution to the cars of the future.

…and here once again to "check up on":

Different strategy

How Prettl remains in its customers’ minds

“I never did any marketing, I just always loved my customers,” said the legendary Zino Davidoff. Following anti-Semitic attacks, Davidoff fled Kiev as a 5-year-old with his family to Switzerland. In 1912, his father opened a tobacconist shop in Geneva. The young Zino learnt from his father from an early age – not only how to mix tobacco but also that the needs and wishes of the customers were paramount. Unlike anyone else, Zino Davidoff was later able to make cigar smoking an art form. With his unmistakeable feel for special things, he turned not only his tobacco goods, fragrances, leather goods and spirits into brands, he turned himself into these things too. The secret of his success?

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