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Impressions of training

Phil (Electronics Technician, 1st year of study): "When we started our training at PRETTL electronics, all the trainees were provided with information about the vocational training courses, the course contents, the activities involved, and the general way in which things worked at the company. We were then taken on a tour of the company, so we could get to know how it operates and meet some of the staff. I particularly like the way everyone works so well together. I´ve had a really great introduction to the working processes."
Richard (Electronics Technician, 2nd year of study): "I often took part in trade fairs during my training course. These were a great opportunity to see how the course contents, specialist knowledge and experiences were put on show. Being able to share my experiences with other young people who are interested in this career path was great fun. I also learned a lot about myself while doing this. I also worked on small-scale projects, such as the construction of a flashing light as a test for potential trainees."
Marlen (Electronics Technician, 1st year of study): "There´s a great atmosphere at the training school, that really encourages us to study. The teachers are approachable and friendly, and use teamwork as a way of helping us get a better technical understanding of the work. You can tell they selected an excellent group of trainees, because we all work together exceptionally well as a team."
Phillip (Electronics Technician, 1st year of study): "The real benefit of being trained at Prettl is that you get a chance to experience work in so many different departments. We practice soldering in our trainees' workshop. I first worked in the "Finishing" section, where I learned how to solder plug-in connectors and components. I then went on to "Circuit Board Assembly", where I taped circuit boards and plugged in components. It's the variety that makes this training course especially interesting."
Sarah (Electronics Technician, 1st year of study): "ASG is our associated partner for practical training. There is a really good working atmosphere between the trainers and the trainees here. Practical, hands-on tasks, such as building an electricity pylon, where we learn how to bend struts, how to solder and how to build the electronics, teach us everything need to know about the insulation and circuitry needed for a flashing light. I really appreciate the fact that I get individual support to help me solve any problems that arise."
Jessica (Industrial Clerk, 1st year of study): "In my first few weeks as a trainee at PRETTL electronics, I worked in the Purchasing, Ordering and MRP departments, and in the warehouse. I got to know all the individual processes involved and how each department interrelated with the next. As I walk through the departments, I can now understand the relationships within the company ever more clearly. I also took on a wide variety of assignments when working in the company. This made the training course really varied, which is something I really appreciate."
Aylin (Industrial Clerk, 1st year of study): "At the vocational college, we learn all the theoretical processes and business procedures we will need to use in real life. These include, for example, economics and business management, accountancy and law studies. From the very start, we use learning situations to prepare us for the IHK (chamber of commerce) exams. International internships and language courses abroad are also offered, so we have the opportunity to improve our English and get to know how companies operate in other countries."


Full Service for EMS Applications with Strong Brands from PRETTL Electronics

The internationally active PRETTL Group's PRETTL Electronics division will be presenting a complete range of EMS-related services, from development expertise to electronics manufacturing to the provision of repairs, at the electronica trade fair in Munich. Three brands will be represented at this event, on Stand 313 in Hall C4.

lesswire GmbH, a provider of product development services for wireless connectivity, and a leading supplier of connected mobility systems, will attend as a joint exhibitor. Kurz GmbH, a recent acquisition, will also be mentioned, as a producer of custom electronic control systems, analog sensors, pressure switches and filter change displays.

Bringing together the expertise in these companies in PRETTL Electronics GmbH will enable its customers to benefit from mature specialist knowledge and a global presence, with numerous company sites. In addition to gaining an insight into the company's classic range of EMS services, and the production technologies used at PRETTL Electronics, trade fair visitors will also find more detailed information about PRETTL Electronics as their chosen manufacturing partner for industry, medical, aviation and smart metering.

All this will combine to create a coherent technical concept that will be ready for experts to come by and experience it in Munich between the 8th and 11th November. PRETTL Electronics has also posted a summary of its range of services on its relaunched website at, for anyone who is not able to attend the trade fair in person.


About PRETTL Electronics

As one of Germany's top 5 EMS service providers, PRETTL Electronics offers you everything from a single source, all in-house. PRETTL Electronics is the right company to talk to when you need a supplier that is truly at home in the world of product creation. At PRETTL Electronics, our expertise in product and (after-sales) service are not expensive extras: they are an integral part of our offering. That is because we combine the knowledge from our specialist departments and their experts to create fluent processes. These ensure that, in the end, the customer doesn't just get some kind of product that has been simply put together out of existing components, but is an inherently coherent solution. This also means that the customer will be inspired to trust in the company promise "Get it right the first time" in the future.

Lesswire products used at pilot project by the Bremer Straßenbahn AG

September 5th was the start of a new pilot project of the Bremer Straßenbahn AG, where 20 city buses and one tram were provided with products from the lesswire GmbH, a firm of the PRETTL group. Thereby it is possible for passengers to have an easy access to mobile internet without a prior registration. Ten more buses as well as ten trains of the public local traffic will also be equipped by the end of September 2016.

The 6-month testing phase intends to make the use of public transport instead of cars more attractive to the people.

You will find further information about the project and tips how to recognize already equipped buses in the video report of radiobremen.

Link to the video


4 + 1 things you shouldn´t miss at ILA 2016

The dream of flying isn´t a dream any longer – we all know about this fact. But at the trade show ILA Berlin Air Show you can experience live the whole world of mobility in the air. You get there the unique opportunity to marvel the most modern aircraft, get to know innovative high-tech products and technologies, talk to astronauts or testing a simulator by your own.
Our Global Head of Media & Corporate Communications, Daniel Stuckert, listed five things you must see until the end of the ILA on 4th of June.

1. Get to know the aircraft of Otto Lilienthal
Take a look at the replica of Lilienthals glider. 125 years ago Otto Lilienthal did the first successful flights with his self-made glider near to Berlin. The DLR had recreated Lilienthals glider true to the original and tested it in a wind tunnel. This Lilienthal glider, the first in series produced plane of the world, can be discovered at the ILA outdoor area.

2. Copter Races live to see
„First Person View Racing“ is the new trend in the Copter scene. Via video eyewear you can watch the race of the perspective of the pilot. Especially for this purpose a Race-Track is set up at the ILA. In this race truck you can observe the professional pilots flying their remote-controlled racers. And in the racing breaks you can actually test the copters by your own.

3. Feel the atmosphere of soccer world championship 2014 again (provided you are a fan of the German team)
The plane, which took the German national team back from Rio de Janeiro to Germany after winning the world championship, is exhibit, too. In 2014 it has taken a lap of honor above the Brandenburg Gate where the fans waited for their team to return.  

IMG_12004. Feel the drone of the Eurofighter in your stomach
The most modern European combat aircraft is presented from the German army also in the air. First in history it starts directly at the ILA runway. So you can feel the deafening vibration in your stomach when the aircraft takes off.

5. Discover Prettl competencies for aerospace
Discover the complete portfolio of our Electronics division. Even, if you have already missed the visits of Reinhard Meyer (Minister for work, traffic and technology in Schleswig-Holstein) and Sigmar Gabriel (vice chancellor) on Thursday.



In the cloud instead of on the shelf – a must for the products of the future

More and more traditional products are being directly connected to the internet. New functions are no longer built into the product itself but stored in the cloud. One example –satnavs. Earlier, in the previous generation of satnavs, the vehicle was also equipped with a complex head unit responsible for performing all the navigation routines based on data stored in the vehicle. With modern wireless technologies this is no longer necessary. The user simply enters the destination along with other preferences and the data is then transferred to the cloud where the routing takes place. And this is all done based on data several times more detailed than localised copies. The results are then plotted on the local system. As a result of this intelligent advancement, the power of the function increases tremendously and the user benefits are huge as, for instance, the basic geographical data is enhanced with additional real-time data such as weather, traffic and other content. In most cases data transfer is conducted using wireless technologies and in my opinion we are still at the very beginning of this development.

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Different strategy

How Prettl remains in its customers’ minds

“I never did any marketing, I just always loved my customers,” said the legendary Zino Davidoff. Following anti-Semitic attacks, Davidoff fled Kiev as a 5-year-old with his family to Switzerland. In 1912, his father opened a tobacconist shop in Geneva. The young Zino learnt from his father from an early age – not only how to mix tobacco but also that the needs and wishes of the customers were paramount. Unlike anyone else, Zino Davidoff was later able to make cigar smoking an art form. With his unmistakeable feel for special things, he turned not only his tobacco goods, fragrances, leather goods and spirits into brands, he turned himself into these things too. The secret of his success?

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Chicken or egg. Company or values.

The values of the Prettl group were recently presented in a Prettl intern article. But where do these values actually originate from? Before founding a company, do you sit down with pen and paper and determine the words that should guide the way? Or are they the result of a marketing department’s brainstorming session? Here you can find out more.

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