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Is it all home-made?!

Discussion about biscuits with the (solution) recipe

"Did you make all these yourself?", "Of course, just try one!": phrases we've all heard many times before, and not just at Christmas. And, if we're being honest, at least by the time we've worked out which of our friends are kitchen wizards and biscuit meisters, we're more than happy to tuck in. Is there anything better than home-made biscuits?
Well, yes, if it's all really home-made.

Home-made – from "straight out of the bag" to "home-ground"

But where does "home-made" actually start? Apart from the "straight out of the bag, but I served it myself" crowd, modern biscuit connoisseurs do know the differences when it comes to "home-made". Although some people are happy to use a cake mix, and then get creative with brightly coloured icing (and there's nothing wrong with that!), others prefer to mix the dough themselves. This second group come pretty close to the ideal of "home-made", but there is also another group of bakers, who literally "take the biscuit" by using ingredients that are as unrefined and unprocessed as possible. Their reward is more taste and genuine freshness. And Jupiter makes all this possible with almost no fuss.

One device + many attachments = 100% home-made

With a kitchen gadget like the Variomaxx, you can make biscuits that really are totally home-made. Thanks to a specially designed adapter and a suitable grain milling attachment from the Jupiter system, you can use this kitchen gadget to grind your own flour, quickly and efficiently (see also page 54 Prettl intern #02/2016). All the other ingredients are then mixed in and kneaded in the kitchen gadget's bowl. The dough is ready in next to no time. And if you want to use it to make piped biscuits (the recipe's below), simply change the attachment. Finally, send the biccies off to the oven. Sadly, that's something the multi-talented Variomaxx can't manage yet ;). While you're waiting for the biscuits to turn golden brown, with their delicious aroma pervading the kitchen, you can use other attachments to create the decorations yourself, for example, by flaking nuts or grating chocolate into curls or chips.

But what if every day is Christmas day?

You might get annoyed and think "I should really be saving myself all this effort". And not without good reason: life is too short to make everything yourself from scratch. However, in that run-up to Christmas, when we all make that bit more effort to bake and prepare goodies for our nearest and dearest, being able to give "100% home-made biscuits" as a gift isn't maybe just something you'd find in fairy tales. Especially not if you have the right kitchen gadgets to help you.

So, maybe your response to the inevitable, "Did you make it yourself?" will be a happy and heartfelt "Yes!".


Jupiter makes run at MotoGP

If you want to win, you need energy—that is true both in MotoGP and in everyday life. That is something Danilo Petrucci and Scott Redding know. And even off the track, they prefer smoothies, juice and the like for giving them a fresh boost every day.

They are fast and easy to prepare even without a food prep crew if you've got appliances from Jupiter kitchen appliances. Filling up with energy means pulling out the stops for freshness. We have choicen four products for making the run. Ladies & Gentlemen we present:

801200_Nutrimix_nutri-green_ohne StampferHigh-speed on the sideline
Blazingly fast smoothies and soups in less than 8 minutes—flooring it in the kitchen with the Nutrimix. This high-speed blender processes fruit, vegetables, nuts and more at up to 32,000 rpm, unleashing the wealth of vitamins. Simply fill it, pick one of the seven automatic programs via the touch function, wait a little and your refreshing power is ready. And for all those really in a hurry, an automatic cleaning program is included.

Fill up like the prosJupiter-red
Never another empty vitamin tank! That's the promise of Juicepresso plus from Jupiter. It makes juicing a blast! Even without putting it to the red line, this juicer still gives full power with its Smart Extraction system and it makes smoothies, too. The extraction system gently squeezes the fruit, leafy greens, root vegetables and other produce for foam-free enjoyment of the juice or tasty smoothies, depending on which sieve you decide to use.  

810001_Variomaxx_lunar-silver_frontalTop results every time around
The Variomaxx ensures you always have the right tactic. This kitchen appliance rounds the curve with four different mixing tools included in delivery and versatile add-on options with Jupiter attachments. The LCD gives you an excellent view of the running time and the time left to the finish line. Thanks to its balanced mixing arm, this kitchen marvel can even be operated with one hand, and quickly becoming a favourite for anyone that relies on switching out tools with ease.

No end of the season in sightJU_881001Thermom_frei_b
The Thermomaster is a real all-rounder. Unlike in motorcycling, this incredibly versatile kitchen appliance with heating function knows no seasons. Winter soup, refreshing desserts, light and steamed or hearty pastries—the Thermomaster lets you always prepare the perfect snacks, dishes and culinary surprises. Ten speeds and ten temperatures from 37 to 130 degrees Celsius ensure that the everything gets well chopped, puréed, kneaded, cooked, boiled and more as if you did it by hand. Simply switch on cruise control in the kitchen.


Only one question remains: which machine will you use to get off the line, first? 


Different strategy

How Prettl remains in its customers’ minds

“I never did any marketing, I just always loved my customers,” said the legendary Zino Davidoff. Following anti-Semitic attacks, Davidoff fled Kiev as a 5-year-old with his family to Switzerland. In 1912, his father opened a tobacconist shop in Geneva. The young Zino learnt from his father from an early age – not only how to mix tobacco but also that the needs and wishes of the customers were paramount. Unlike anyone else, Zino Davidoff was later able to make cigar smoking an art form. With his unmistakeable feel for special things, he turned not only his tobacco goods, fragrances, leather goods and spirits into brands, he turned himself into these things too. The secret of his success?

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Chicken or egg. Company or values.

The values of the Prettl group were recently presented in a Prettl intern article. But where do these values actually originate from? Before founding a company, do you sit down with pen and paper and determine the words that should guide the way? Or are they the result of a marketing department’s brainstorming session? Here you can find out more.

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Despite complicated growth Dynamics – the Prettl group has site expansion plans for Mexico

The fact that the dynamics of both urban and business growth in Mexico is somewhat complicated has been made apparent to the Prettl group through its business and production activities in the country since 1997. The potential of the region is, however, fully realised by the group. The planned expansion in the Querétaro area merely underlines Prettl’s view on this.
The first of four planned production sites should be completed by the end of the year. At present, efforts are being made to obtain the authorisation for the construction of the new production lines that should create over 1200 new jobs. “We are planning on employing around 4000 people in Mexico by 2017. A 12% increase in turnover for 2015 shows that we are on the right path,” explained Rafael Navarro, Commercial Director of the Prettl group’s NAFTA Components & Systems Division.
With this project, Prettl is focusing in particular on expanding the automotive, electronics, energy and home appliances divisions.

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